About YouthServe


YouthServe exists to promote youth volunteerism and leadership while giving youth the tools to make positive impacts in their communities.


YouthServe seeks to give all young people the training and opportunities to make their communities and city a better place to live.


Connect young people across real and perceived boundaries to promote civic engagement, leadership, and community service.

“I was unaware of the service opportunities in Birmingham, but [YouthSeve] exposed me to the vibrant community of leaders and volunteers around me”

“[YouthServe] has impacted my life in a very positive way.  I have made friends from across the Birmingham that I would never have known otherwise.  I also learned on a deeper level the struggles many people face every day.”

“I learned many things but something very important to me was that it doesn’t matter what age, race, religion, sex or any characteristic you are or have, we can all come together as strangers and help the community to better the world,”

“I learned to come out of my shell and communicate more.  I also learned how important helping people can be.”


YouthServe Board of Directors

Victor Brown
Scotty Colson, Esq.
Todd Fredella, Chair**
Rev. Elizabeth Goodrich
Dr. Alison Grizzle**
Gwen Hagan**

**indicates Executive Committee

Dr. Connie Hill
Mary Jones
Janet Kavinoky**
Jamal McCaskey**
Melanie McNary
Rev. Van Moody**
William T. Ratliff, III **
Nadav Raviv
John D. Saxon
Emily P. Schultz**
Katherine Shephard
Toni Webster